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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey guys! Tonight I've just been messing around with some different tools and everything on blogger. Fun stuff! :) I've also been wanting to tell you guys why I've decided to try and make a blog and a YouTube channel. I believe its all in the name. Onestopbeauty12 will soon be a place where anyone can come and get all the fashion and beauty advice, tutorials, best makeup deals I've found,and lots more to follow. Its always been my dream to inspire beauty in all woman and not have to try and find all the things your looking for in different places when you can just come to one place online and find everything! just think of it this way do you really have time to google- quick hair ideas for work,cute eye makeup tutorials, best skin product for your face,relaxing tips,etc etc. Pretty soon after that you'll have 100000 tabs opened up without even realizing it and then you feel scatterbrained. Onestopbeauty12 is what your looking for. Ill always be there for you!

Anyways.I'm so freaking addicted to Pinterest! UMM CAN SOMEONE SAY "PINNING"!! haha! :) I love looking at all the DIY and Crafts they put on there and I also love the fitness ideas and of course the recipes and pretty much all of it. lol. I can get very distracted with that dang website. ugh . I was also thinking lately that I really want to get a gel manicure kit from like Sally's or something! Everyone says that they last for a long time and I am desperate need of some TLC for my nails. :) I can see a night of relaxing a little bit and giving myself a gel manicure! sounds good to me! where do I sign up? :)

I know, I know. I said I was going to post some eye makeup tutorials. I'm in the process of editing and will be posting hopefully tomorrow or monday night! I'm very excited to get my tutorials and YouTube channel underway! So just hang in there:)

I can't freaking wait for the Fifty Shades of GREY movie to come out eventually! And YES you can cast Alexander Skarsgard for the role of Christian! lol. you have my vote!

Anyways follow me on my twitter account! onestopbeauty12( the link is also on the right hand side of the screen)

Much Love,

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