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Friday, August 31, 2012

chilly days..

creative yet simple

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey Loves!OMG I'm supposed to be cleaning right now while I have few hours. haha yeah right. Pinterest and craftgawker are so freaking addicting! And I have the notebook playing in the backround. If your a bird, then I'm a bird! :) like i said before this movie will never get old. That is for sure. :) I've been looking to buy some new clothes actually . My newest addiction all the way is forever 21. I got a pair of jeans from there for like 10.00. which was amazing and they are having the same deal going on now but their freakin website isn't working. AHHH. I dont know if anyone else if having the same problem But I really wish that they would fix it already before all the good sales end. Anyways.. So tomorrow is the season finale of true blood and then I have to wait 2 loooonngg months until vampire diaries comes back on! haha. Can you tell that I am really addicted to vampire shows or what?! I saw this pin on pinterest(at the bottom of the page) and thought it was soo hilarious. Pretty sure I would probably faint if i ran into alexander skaarsgard on the street. I dont know about you. haha. Not to change the subject quick or anything ..but have you heard .. I dont know if its a rumor or something but my hubby heard that shia lebouf would be christian grey in the fifty shades of grey movie! seriously?! I still cant believe it.. its nuts! he doesnt even match the description I'd think. Heres my IN's and OUT's for the week..sorry for the delay..

IN: It Would have to be If you havent heard of it and love crafts and DIY then that website is the place to go. Of course other than pinterest as well. I've found alot of crafts on both. :) I want to pick up knitting again.
OUT: PET HAIR! holy crap.. its everywhere. clumps and clumps and clumps..a freakin nightmare from my 3 year old golden retriever. i wish there was carpet that would just suck the hair right into it after the hair falls on the carpet. that would be genius. Ok time for jill to be a billionaire.. i just came up with that. :)

I also vote for 4 day work weeks!! Who's in with me on this one?!  hey a woman can dream right. ?!

Talk to you guys soon.

-Much Love

Can't say I wouldn't also make that face for Alexander Skaarsgard...