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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stain Review! & First Impression!

Hey my loves!

    Oh lord, it has been so freaking long since I've posted anything. I've been one busy MOMMA! <3. Decided to do a comeback post on the review for the Jordana lipbalm stains.  Ok well here they are.

 I got a few different colors. These colors look like they would be so pretty on.:) The first impression I got from them is that they look like the Revlon just bitten balms in the tubular shape. I like that a lot actually. Well I got them at Walgreens I believe for like 2 bucks. Not bad at all. If I say so myself. Ok I got 05 honey love, 01 nude chic, and 06 cranberry crush. Here are the lovely swatches for you, in order going from bottom to top.. :)

So I just tried them for the first time.  Here is the honey love one on...

Nude Chic...

and Cranberry Crush...

They are not bad at all.  My Favorite is definitely the Cranberry Crush! Good Fall color!!

  • Has a glossy finish
  • Very moisturizing like it promises
  • Very Budget Friendly
  • There is a twist on the BOTTOM! To twist up more product! Whoop!Whoop!
  • There is a lot of different colors to match every outfit.
  • Seems like you have to add layers of product on before you get the color.
  • Has a little glitter in them( I don't tend to lean toward the one with the glitter.. but hey you can barely see it when its on!)
  • The smell seems to be kind of odd, but not overwhelming at all.
Overall thoughts-
  • Would purchase again for SURE! Actually hmmm I might have to take a look at some of the other colors they have too! ;)
  • Definitely something you should pick up if you are at Walgreens and want to try a new lipstain out that is for sure moisturizing for the fall/winter!
Anyways...Honestly I don't know why the line Jordana is not more popular. I mean granted I have tried some of their mascaras that are not the BEST LASH MASCARA..and yeah NO. For all of you that have not tried the Jordana BEST LASH MASCARA! I don't know what your waiting for. READY SET .... GO TO WALGREENS NOW AND GET IT!!!  you like how I use all CAPS?! hahaha. but Yeah I'll have do another post about how amazing that freaking mascara is another day this week! I actually want to start a new series on youtube.. you'll see what I mean SOON!

But yeah guys..I'm going to peace out. But no worries. This GURU is BACK!  I'm going to try and do like 2-3 blog posts a week and the minimum of 1 video up per week. :) Keep Checkin back! Love ya lots!


Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey beautiful people!

Praise JESUS they finally got that freakin dude that was one of the Bombers in Boston! That was a horrible day and I wont stop praying for the victims affected and families. Also to the TEXAS people! Oh man this week has been one heck of a week. Did you guys hear about that guy who just crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon and then the bombs went off behind him and then he drove right past the plant in Texas then minutes later the place exploded.?! Crazy stuff. I probably would of pee'd my pants .Just sayin . I mean come on.. but Thank you so much lord for another day. I am so blessed for everyone and everything in my life.<3

So pretty sure I am addicted to all Milani products now. Thank you to all those other beauty gurus I watch on Youtube. I am obsessed with there color statements lipsticks and their baked blushes. Ahh. Gimmee gimmee! I actually bought all mine at Target when they were having a sale on them ! :) Best time to go.. Fo shiggidy. What the h . Did I just say fo shiggidy. HAHA.  That's right I did.. I just trademarked that babyyy.. lol. Well here's my wonderful collection of Milani Products. The most recent ones I got at target ..but the rest I got at Walgreens. Pretty sure you can go into both places for one thing and come out with like a TON of stuff. Ugh ..but that's the same ol story there. Right. I don't know if at target the red color is a sign that you just need to Splurge (like it just triggers your mind) all the time when your in there . Who knows. Anyways.. hope your still with me I just went off on my randomness tangent tonight. :)

I know I kind of did it backwards.. Sorry guys.. But the bottom right hand corner of the first picture the baked eye shadows I have are #4 Coffee Shop, #11 Beach Sand. The baked eye shadow is #1 Dolce Pink. Which ill elaborate more on that bad boy here in a sec. The eye liner on the bottom right of the second picture is Milani Infinite Liner in #05 Everlast. That stuff does not move at all. The right shade next to the blue is the cream eyeliner jumbo pencil in #02 Brown Deluxe. Super creamy. The skinny eyeliner pencil is Milani Liquif ' eye in #04 Aqua. Super pretty and kind of has a metallic feel to it. The lipsticks.. My loves.  #29 Teddy bare is the bottom left in the second picture.. the third one in on the second row. and the right hand side to that Is #30 Candied Toffees. They are absolutely amazing lipsticks. I mean they are moisturizing and super creamy and they actually smell really good too :) But I am hoping to expand my collection of Milani Products. I want to definitely get more of the lipsticks and the blushes. Speaking of the Baked blushes...

The one I have is Dolce Pink and it is shimmery.  If you have pale skin like mine this color just looks amazing on your skin. Right along the cheek bones. Oh man.. heres another product like my BB cream and foundation . I can talk about all day. :) But I just wanted to let you guys know if you need a new blush .. THIS ONE! For sure. Its extremely soft as well and light. ME+Milani Makeup=LOVE. But yeah. I thought it would be cool to do a makeup look with just using all of the Milani products. Hmm.. Ideas.. Ill have to do that. :) Check back for that soon guys. As well as my Business things I'll be doing on Pinterest and how I am budgeting as well to save up for that CAMERA! Only a matter of time. Oh only. Where is that Money tree that apparently only exists when I need it to. ?

Sweet Dreams and Have a great Weekend!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Its been a long while.. BB CREAMS!

Hey my loves! Hope everyone is doing ok. Sorry its been so LONG. But no worries MRS.JILL is BACK! :)

Can you believe this freaking weather. I mean come on is it Spring yet? or what. 80 degrees then the next day a winter weather advisory. NICE.

But anyways.. I just want to do this quick little review on BB creams here. You know you see them at the Drugstore and if you have never tried them before.. NOW IS THE TIME! I mean seriously.. Its definitely way easier to throw on BB cream in the morning when your running late than it is to take out that wonderful Nearly NAKED foundation. I know, I know. I've talked about that plenty. :) Which now I usually only use that foundation when its like a date night or a special occasion. But here's the scoop on BB Creams..

There is mainly the 3 big brands that I've come across. That you'll probably stumble across too. I mean don't get me wrong either. There is the Physicians Formula BB cream. Which actually I do want to try and Almay has a BB cream. If your wondering why I haven't talked about any high end makeup brands for BB cream I just feel that high end BB creams are not worth the money when the drugstore does just as well. But I'm going to actually break it up for you in the 1=Best, 2=I would use again and the 3=eeekkk...NO!

1. THE BEST--Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I have mine in light sheer tint. Absolutely 100% amazing. Its like your not wearing anything. The coverage lasts all day and covers up pretty well. I feel when it says that its a 8 in 1, they really do mean it! I would highly recommend it. Also it says there is a SPF 30 and you would never know it in this BB cream. I'm actually almost out .. I'm squeezing the last drops out.  (If you have sensitive skin like I do, this would be the best match!)
Only flaw.. it doesn't cover up the under eye bags that I wish it did. 

2. I would USE again Regularly or for a Back up. Loreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I got mine in Fair. Unlike the Maybelline BB Cream this actually goes on white .While the Maybelline actually has a tan look to it. But this one is really light as well. I feel like this one is a good base to wear under the Nearly Naked foundation .:)   This is a 4 in 1 BB Cream. I feel that it is a great back up to my Maybelline one and I would recommend as well. 

3.Ummm yeah NO! The last one I have is Rimmel London BB Cream Beauty Balm. Right when I squeezed it out to apply it, first thing I smelled was the aroma of the SPF. SUNBLOCK. Ewww.. unless your at the beach or pool you don't want to smell like Sunblock all day. Well at least I don't. Its crazy actually because this says its only SPF 25. Right when I put it on my skin it immediately absorbed and dried out. I didn't even have time to think before it dried up, let alone rub into my skin. I couldn't wait to take it off with a makeup remover wipe. Its a little disappointing because it did say it was a 9 in 1 but it didn't work out that way. I love Rimmel Products too. I was not expecting that at all. You know maybe if I had a different skin type it might of worked out different. Who knows.  I do not recommend to anyone who has sensitive skin. EVER.

But hope you guys like my little BB cream review here. I had fun trying out a few other BB creams other than the Maybelline one just to see the difference. I was actually going to let you guys know as well I'm still trying to get the Podcast thing down. I'm a NEWB. Sorry guys. Should be up soon. Hopefully. I just don't know how to post it. That's the only problem. But I'm super excited for it though. I have lots of good ideas! :) Also I'm really hoping for a camera soon so More YouTube videos! Heck yeah!! :)   But I'll catch you guys LATERS!

Sleep good, Sleep tight.. Don't let the .. What .. oh yeah BED BUGS BITE! Might as well say Don't let the FROST BITE! Thank you weather.  lol.

Mucho Love,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey Loves!
So I've been thinking about doing some prom tutorials for hair and makeup. I was actually going to do a full face and hair video today. With glasses on I might add. :) Unfortunately I have to go back to the eye doctor before they will give me anymore contacts. Poop on them. Freakin sucks. On the bright side though. I doubt there is any videos out on YouTube for Prom Looks for girls with glasses. Some people just have to wear glasses and I'm sure they want to know what looks best with glasses :) so there ya go!

Anywhoodles I did film a prom makeup tutorial and I should have that up by tomorrow night and then I'll be filming a prom hair tutorial tomorrow night as well but that probably wont be up until next week. I'm trying so hard to get on some kind of schedule where it will be like certain tasks will be on certain days .Honestly I think it would really help my family and I. To start I'm making half day of Saturdays the main cleaning day. I was just thinking I love that sign that is on Pinterest that says "Sorry my house is dirty, My kids are making Memories!" I need that for my entry way. So true. :)

Oh before I forget... I'm starting a beauty podcast. Onestopbeauty Podcast. That will be every Monday night! : ) Hopefully it works out and everything! I'm excited. Let me know what you guys think. Ill post it on here on Monday! :)

Talk to you guys laters!

Love you guys!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FAV Drugstore Lipsticks!!!

Hey! How's everyone doing in this snow? ahh . I love snow as long as I don't have to drive in it!! AMEN!! We will see how this goes tonight.. hopefully it wont get too bad...

But anyways...I wanted to tell you guys about some of my favorite drugstore lipsticks I've come across. My current number one favorite is by Maybelline. Its from the Color Whisper collection. I only picked up one but its in Made-it-Mauve. This has got to be the smoothest lipstick that goes on ever.
You barely have to touch your lips and it just glides on. I want to say it was about 6.00 and I got it from Walgreens. I want to pick up more. They have a lot of different colors to choose from. This is what it looks like on.
Pardon, My Gigantic nose in this pic. lol. Its great to wear with any outfit, and since it has a gloss finish you don't even have to wear lip gloss with it. I love this brand of lipstick.
Here is some swatches of this lip stick on the left and then Revlon lip butter in Sugar Plum (which is also around the same price) on the right. See kind of a similarity a little bit??
These two colors are really simple and work great with any outfit. For the Revlon lip butter on the right. I do love this brand as well. But if you compare the quality itself between the two with how smooth it goes on I would totally give it to the Made-It Mauve for sure. Here's what the Sugar Plum looks like on me:
Also, Still has that gloss if your in hurry just go ahead and ditch that gloss! So these products are definitely worth the money if your trying to find a great quality lipstick from the drugstore. So guys I hope this post was helpful! :)  I will be posting more pictures and I'm bringing back the weeks IN's and OUT's! --thinking maybe I should make those videos instead. hmm :) And I'll be adding on a new segment to my blog as well called Jillz Daily Biz. Let me know if you guys have any questions or any requests for videos or reviews!

Jillz Daily Biz

-Part of me just wants this snow to pass, but part of me is excited. Like I'm a little kid all over again. :) SNOW DAY!!
-I need to edit and post my Valentines Day Date Night Makeup tutorial like now..
-Excited to start my Vlog Channel.
-Laundry why wont you just do YOURSELF! hahaha.
-"1,2,3,4,5,6 that's how the numbers go!!!" Freakin Sesame Street DVD's!!! This song will never leave my head! lol!

Stay safe and warm!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation VS Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

Yes, It has been a while! :) How is everyone doing?

Let me just start off by saying that BeyoncĂ© did not lip sync and did not have a wardrobe malfunction. She was bad A at the Super bowl. I do love her though. All her music is amazing (Halo is my FAV) and she like an inspiration. But yeah. Just thought I would throw that out there. 

Anyways.. I wanted to come back with a blog post on a review for Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation. Well my top overall pick between the two would have to be the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. Its my absolute favorite above anything that I have ever tried. I actually made a complete video on it, on my YouTube channel. Onestopbeauty12. If you wanna just hop on over there and check that out. I'm still trying to figure out why some people cant watch that one video though . Like it wont load for them .I did read on YouTube's site that you have to be able to stream videos from your phone to be able to watch it. Who knows.  Still workin on that one.  But like I said in my video, if you have sensitive skin this product for Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is the way to go. The coverage is unbelievable and it stays all day. It does not leave your skin Dewey or anything. Especially if you pair it with the Revlon Nearly Naked Powder. Oh yes I am raving about both these products again and again. I probably wont talking about them either. It really is a 5 star foundation. It does have a glass bottle that it is a little hard to get out. That would be the only downside to this foundation. Tomorrow I will take a photo in the morning before I leave to work of the before and after, just so you guys can see the difference. I will also do it for the Covergirl foundation on Thursday.
Yeah so let me get on to this Covergirl Foundation. Its new for Covergirl. It does say that it is 3 in 1. More like 0 and none . Ok so maybe I was being a little overdramatic there. Its not as bad as some other ones I've tried. But It does leave your skin really Shiny and dewey. I mean the coverage is ok. But It just feels like its clogging all my pores and right when I put it on I wanted to take it off. In my opinion its not worth the money . I mean like I said it is better than some other ones I have tried. yeah NO not for me. I have seen a lot of reviews on this foundation for Covergirl and a lot of people like it. Not to say you wont either .But for me with sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend it.

Here is my grid of the breakdown of the pros and cons on both!

Covergirl                                                                   Revlon
Pros-                                              Cons-                   Pros-                                     Cons-
-Has a pump                                  -Leaves your        -Flawless Coverage       -to get out                    
-The idea that is had an SPF         skin dewey &        -Name is perfect for it                                          
in it                                                Shiny                     because it feels like
                                                      -Clogs Pores           your wearing nothing
 But I hope you guys thought this review was really beneficial for you. I love doing reviews. :) Also I heard about this new makeup line by Drew Barrymore called Flower.  I really want to do a review/tutorial on that as well for you guys. Also some more updates about Onestopbeauty. Be sure to keep a look out for my makeup artistry website to be debuted at the end of this month One Stop Beauty Artistry. Also on the look out for more YouTube videos,also A new channel that I will be posting weekly Vlogs. Super excited about that as well. Upcoming Facebook pages for my business and YouTube channel ( So you guys can hit that "LIKE" button, I know you really want too! :) and so you guys can give me your opinions or just ask me that question or requests or anything ) . And of course more blog posts. SO SO excited for this 2013 YEAR! Ill be sure to keep you guys posted on everything that's going on. I really do love you guys!
Follow me on twitter and subscribe @Onestopbeauty12!

I cant believe Valentines Day is almost here. What is everyone doing for Valentines DAY?

Much Love,