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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey Loves!
So I've been thinking about doing some prom tutorials for hair and makeup. I was actually going to do a full face and hair video today. With glasses on I might add. :) Unfortunately I have to go back to the eye doctor before they will give me anymore contacts. Poop on them. Freakin sucks. On the bright side though. I doubt there is any videos out on YouTube for Prom Looks for girls with glasses. Some people just have to wear glasses and I'm sure they want to know what looks best with glasses :) so there ya go!

Anywhoodles I did film a prom makeup tutorial and I should have that up by tomorrow night and then I'll be filming a prom hair tutorial tomorrow night as well but that probably wont be up until next week. I'm trying so hard to get on some kind of schedule where it will be like certain tasks will be on certain days .Honestly I think it would really help my family and I. To start I'm making half day of Saturdays the main cleaning day. I was just thinking I love that sign that is on Pinterest that says "Sorry my house is dirty, My kids are making Memories!" I need that for my entry way. So true. :)

Oh before I forget... I'm starting a beauty podcast. Onestopbeauty Podcast. That will be every Monday night! : ) Hopefully it works out and everything! I'm excited. Let me know what you guys think. Ill post it on here on Monday! :)

Talk to you guys laters!

Love you guys!

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