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Friday, November 9, 2012

Hey guys! Today was definitely a weird kind of day.. actually I started declaring my Fridays as Freaky Fridays.. weird stuff always seems to happen on my fridays now.. lol. Well for example on the way home today I saw a Falcon.YES people I just said FALCON! It was on the street blocking was almost as big as my golden retriever.AHH.. Freaky yes. Well what was even more freaky was that this chick was trying to pick it up, or mess with it or something.. who the hell knows.. I really wish I could of took a picture of it. It was nuts!  ha. anyways.. If you havent already noticed., I have been doing some updates.  Not only on my blog but I actually started a facebook page for Onestopbeauty12! :) I'm definitely excited about that too. It is however still under construction. But check it out! :) 
 Also I know things have been going kind of slow lately with my videos... but pwweeezzz dont give up on me just yet.. I actually want to start another channel as well as my beauty channel which still will be Onestopbeauty12.. OnestopbeautyCorner. It'll be like a mommy/organizing/advice/cleaning/etc etc. I just thought it would be cool to just add some couponing videos about how I save money with coupons, my stockpile, Weight Loss Vlog, etc. So keep checking on that. Everything is underway.  I love just being myself on Youtube and showing people what I love to do.  Anyways.. My new addiction this fall is Lip color. Ahh yes . I just got Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum from Target. It was 7.00. Its a great color for fall. Its like a medium cherry color . No worries. Ill show you my swatch of it in my next upcoming video.It'll be a drugstore favorites video.and a second one on how I clean my purse. Um yes .. Every woman should have a video about how to properly clean your purse. I think anyway. But I'll talk to you guys later.

Lots and Lots of Love!

Stay warm people...I heard this warm weather wont last too much longer..But who knows maybe we will get lucky like we did last winter..ohh crap did i just jinx it?!?!..KNOCK ON WOOD!