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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stain Review! & First Impression!

Hey my loves!

    Oh lord, it has been so freaking long since I've posted anything. I've been one busy MOMMA! <3. Decided to do a comeback post on the review for the Jordana lipbalm stains.  Ok well here they are.

 I got a few different colors. These colors look like they would be so pretty on.:) The first impression I got from them is that they look like the Revlon just bitten balms in the tubular shape. I like that a lot actually. Well I got them at Walgreens I believe for like 2 bucks. Not bad at all. If I say so myself. Ok I got 05 honey love, 01 nude chic, and 06 cranberry crush. Here are the lovely swatches for you, in order going from bottom to top.. :)

So I just tried them for the first time.  Here is the honey love one on...

Nude Chic...

and Cranberry Crush...

They are not bad at all.  My Favorite is definitely the Cranberry Crush! Good Fall color!!

  • Has a glossy finish
  • Very moisturizing like it promises
  • Very Budget Friendly
  • There is a twist on the BOTTOM! To twist up more product! Whoop!Whoop!
  • There is a lot of different colors to match every outfit.
  • Seems like you have to add layers of product on before you get the color.
  • Has a little glitter in them( I don't tend to lean toward the one with the glitter.. but hey you can barely see it when its on!)
  • The smell seems to be kind of odd, but not overwhelming at all.
Overall thoughts-
  • Would purchase again for SURE! Actually hmmm I might have to take a look at some of the other colors they have too! ;)
  • Definitely something you should pick up if you are at Walgreens and want to try a new lipstain out that is for sure moisturizing for the fall/winter!
Anyways...Honestly I don't know why the line Jordana is not more popular. I mean granted I have tried some of their mascaras that are not the BEST LASH MASCARA..and yeah NO. For all of you that have not tried the Jordana BEST LASH MASCARA! I don't know what your waiting for. READY SET .... GO TO WALGREENS NOW AND GET IT!!!  you like how I use all CAPS?! hahaha. but Yeah I'll have do another post about how amazing that freaking mascara is another day this week! I actually want to start a new series on youtube.. you'll see what I mean SOON!

But yeah guys..I'm going to peace out. But no worries. This GURU is BACK!  I'm going to try and do like 2-3 blog posts a week and the minimum of 1 video up per week. :) Keep Checkin back! Love ya lots!