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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey! This weeks In: I would have to say all sally hansen products and sinful colors nail polish in mint apple =LOVE! seriously. I wanted to do my eyebrows the other day(frankly I am way too tired of plucking them)and I used sally hansens instant hair removal (the one without the strips and it worked great) .I also love all of sally hansen nail products! All products of Sally hansen is relatively cheap too! If you guys havent checked out the new ULTA store. you are missing out! Sinful colors nail polish is amazing too! its actually cheaper than sally hansen nail polish but you definiely cannot tell. I just picked up mint apple! I LOVE IT! I'm going to give my self a pedicure tomorrow actually! super excited:)
OUT: I wanted to try a cucumber face peel. I never tried one before. Yeah and honestly I never will again. It said on the bottle that its perfect for any kind of skin. its really not. I have sensitive skin and it was painful to peel off and left my whole face red for like 3 hours. so yeah i dont recommend any face peels for people with sensitive skin. But on the plus side, people with sensitive skin could use a chocolate clay mask that you just wash off. The brand is Freeman and its chocolate strawberry clay mask .Its like 3 bucks!  Try it out! :)

Oh one more IN. :) if you need something new to read. pretty sure you should read the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE SERIES with me! Game of Thrones show is based on the book. Im going to start reading the books. But I have been watching the show on HBO and its super good!  if you have HBO, I highly recommend watching that and the show GIRLS too!

Check back tomorrow. Im going to try and post some eye makeup ideas and pics to follow.
Much Love ,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Revamp work gear :)

work gear :)

Bllack by Noir grey shirt
$87 -

Theory tailored pants
$265 -

Christian louboutin shoes
$625 -

Arte Italica Medici Canisters
$108 -

Thats one of the style outfits I want to get for work! super cute! More to post later! i want to revamp my work wardrobe! definitely!  

-much love

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hey guys! you know what movies that I'm dying to see?!
      I really want to go see The Avengers! I heard it was amazing. I also want to see the Lucky One! Yes I havent seen it yet. AH. lol. The last movie on my list that I am dying to see as well is BATTLESHIP! Alexander Skarsgard!! :)
MY Favorite Actor in True Blood! speaking of that.... if you are not a True blood fan you are missing out! The new season starts JUNE 10!! and I'm SOOOO FREAKING EXCITED! lol.
     In other news I wanted to share with all of you that I found a website with easy dinner recipes! I made basil pesto chicken tonight with angel hair pasta and homemade garlic bread!! Very YUMMY! :) and it was super easy! just wanted to let you know because I always was having problems finding quick easy dinner recipes online and then I finally found one! if anyone has anymore info on other websites for different easy recipes! definitely let me know! I'd love them! :) Check back soon for more updates:)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey ya'll!
So I'm a little eerked right now!! My hubby got me a bluetooth mouse to use on my tablet. Well the dang thing wouldnt work for like 2 hours and then finally some miracle made it start working but then I went to  polyvore and it wouldnt even let me use it on my favorite site! (jillz07 is my name on there) ah:( But It is alot easier to navigate around my tablet which is always nice:) So I missed last weeks in and out! no worries . My in and out for this week -
IN: Garnier Fructis sleek and shine anti-humidity hairspray! omg this stuff not only smells good it seriously is super light on your hair but gives it good hold! I'd definietly recommend it! :)
OUT: It would have to be that there is seriously not enough time in one day! holy cow. I was thinking today that I have all this stuff to do and 24 hours is not enough. lol. My to do list is too freaking long! :(

Anyways,I'm on the 3rd book of the fifty shades of grey series!! I can't wait to start it tomorrow! shh noone tell me what happens. But the second book ended really well. So I am definietly excited!

OFF TO BED! I am wiped out!

More to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This weekly IN is a book called fifty shades of grey!! By E.L JAMES! HOLY COW! Its absolutely amazing. I only have like 100 pages left! I started it a few days ago! So ill be done with it by tomorrow I'm sure.hehe. There's seriously no words! ; Except that I give it 5 stars!!! If you are debating to read it or need a book recommendation then this is it.Definitely not a book for your mom though. haha.

An Out would be How freaking HOT its been recently. Our freaking air conditioner went out with the last storm and now we are waiting to get a new one. I cannot wait to get a new one! I need my nice cool air. ahh.