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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hey ya'll! :) just watchin the olympics ceremony! I think the rings that they pulled up in the air was awesome! Probably cost a ton. But still looked super cool . Anyways.. I actually have had a song in my head all day. Halo by Beyonce!  I love that song! Sorry for being so random tonight. lol. But on to the IN's and the OUTs of this week! :)
IN: Would have to be Essie Nail polish Chubby cheeks color. Its a really pretty dark sandy pink. Im going to have to take a picture of this color so you guys can see. Definietly worth the 8 dollars I would have to say! lol.
Out: Would have to be people with bad phone manners. Seriously. You dont just hang up on a person mid sentence. Pretty sure everyone knows the correct way to end a phone call would be saying good bye. or bye or just atleast saying something so the other person knows your done talking, instead of just hanging up when the other person is in midsentence. Anyways. Crazy stuff.

Pretty Sure I need to hurry up and finish this third book of the fifty shades of grey series because I have a whole line of books I really want to read! :) Cant wait until the fifty shades movie does come out tho! But who isnt excited for that seriously. !? haha. Its that akward moment where your mom tells you that she really likes the series and you think UM what?! that is disgusting MOM! Just what I need to think about my mom liking that stuff...anyways!!AHH. After I'm done reading the third book I'm moving back to the first book of Game of Thrones to finish that series. Because my hubby has got me freakin hooked on that show and I need to know what happens! Then after that I will be moving on to the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which I did read the sample and holy cow its a good book so far from the sample! But I'll keep all this info updated when I read throughout these books, which will be an update I'm soon doing to my blog!

Again my loves,Theres alot of updates that I'm going to be making to my blog soon! So keep checking back. If you guys have any suggestions or anything you would like me to bring up, let me know! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Guys! Ahh so frustrated.!  I was planning on couponing tonight and printing off some coupons but of course the printer I've had forever decides to stop working!! ahhh it keeps jamming up. I guess all things considered I have had the printer for 2 1/2 years and it has worked great so far.. but still. Anyways.. I did go recycle diving! and found alot of coupons! :) I recommend doing that. I LOVE COUPONING! I'm tellin you people its so freakin addicting. Once you start you wont want to stop. :)  lol.  I'm excited. I'm doing a video tomorrow! So check back! 

Much Love,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Supa Dupa Busy Bee!

Hey guys! Sorry its been a while. I've been so freakin busy. ah. But I'll catch up on some blog posts for sure:) I've decided today that I'm going to make a new YouTube channel as well. Onestopcoupon. God I love couponing. I just want to be able to show people how to coupon. But ill also keep my other channel as well. :) Which I know I need to catch up on as well. Will be asap. Yep Yep. LOL.

The IN and Outs this week are BACK! I actually was thinking about
The IN this week is: Date night with my hubby. I love them . Hmm thinking about maybe having a romantic date night at home , lighting some candles.. :) Even though we do still need to see the Ted movie too. Another IN would be Project Runway! YES people the premiere was tonight! DVR is waitin for me. Definitely my kind of show! That would be a dream to be on the show. I love fashion and to draw fashion .. i might want to practice my sewing!
OUT : This freakin heat again. seriously my phone said it was supposed to be 108 tomorrow. I'm so tired of this heat. I know people. I did put the heat on my OUT again but its that crazy. Atleast It rained today though.

Anyways. I'll let you know when I post something new.

Much Love,

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey! Today seemed like a long one..holy crap. Well atleast its friday! Even though I have to work this weekend but whatever! :) I was doing alot of thinking today and I think since I'm trying to be more frugal that we would try out thrift stores and garage sales more. I want to find some items to redo my downstairs! :) I have this really cute idea in my head with what I want to do and I'm getting super excited to finally get it all together! I think its a good summer project to concentrate on.

Anyways.I'm in the process of getting another video posted. Keep checking back! I wanna do more makeup tutorials and everything. I also really want to do makeup on the side and do updos. I love doing both. If anyone knows of anything like weddings or if you need someone to  do your wedding hair and makeup..let me know! I'd love too! I'm going to be starting out as a freelance makeup artist. My rates would be cheap starting out! :) follow me on instagram (Onestopbeauty12)to check out my experience pics i'll be posting!

I'll be posting my IN's and OUT's tomorrow!

Much love,

p.s-what did everyone think of the ted movie!? :) I cant wait to finally go see it in a few weeks!