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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey! Today seemed like a long one..holy crap. Well atleast its friday! Even though I have to work this weekend but whatever! :) I was doing alot of thinking today and I think since I'm trying to be more frugal that we would try out thrift stores and garage sales more. I want to find some items to redo my downstairs! :) I have this really cute idea in my head with what I want to do and I'm getting super excited to finally get it all together! I think its a good summer project to concentrate on.

Anyways.I'm in the process of getting another video posted. Keep checking back! I wanna do more makeup tutorials and everything. I also really want to do makeup on the side and do updos. I love doing both. If anyone knows of anything like weddings or if you need someone to  do your wedding hair and makeup..let me know! I'd love too! I'm going to be starting out as a freelance makeup artist. My rates would be cheap starting out! :) follow me on instagram (Onestopbeauty12)to check out my experience pics i'll be posting!

I'll be posting my IN's and OUT's tomorrow!

Much love,

p.s-what did everyone think of the ted movie!? :) I cant wait to finally go see it in a few weeks!

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