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Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey beautiful people!

Praise JESUS they finally got that freakin dude that was one of the Bombers in Boston! That was a horrible day and I wont stop praying for the victims affected and families. Also to the TEXAS people! Oh man this week has been one heck of a week. Did you guys hear about that guy who just crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon and then the bombs went off behind him and then he drove right past the plant in Texas then minutes later the place exploded.?! Crazy stuff. I probably would of pee'd my pants .Just sayin . I mean come on.. but Thank you so much lord for another day. I am so blessed for everyone and everything in my life.<3

So pretty sure I am addicted to all Milani products now. Thank you to all those other beauty gurus I watch on Youtube. I am obsessed with there color statements lipsticks and their baked blushes. Ahh. Gimmee gimmee! I actually bought all mine at Target when they were having a sale on them ! :) Best time to go.. Fo shiggidy. What the h . Did I just say fo shiggidy. HAHA.  That's right I did.. I just trademarked that babyyy.. lol. Well here's my wonderful collection of Milani Products. The most recent ones I got at target ..but the rest I got at Walgreens. Pretty sure you can go into both places for one thing and come out with like a TON of stuff. Ugh ..but that's the same ol story there. Right. I don't know if at target the red color is a sign that you just need to Splurge (like it just triggers your mind) all the time when your in there . Who knows. Anyways.. hope your still with me I just went off on my randomness tangent tonight. :)

I know I kind of did it backwards.. Sorry guys.. But the bottom right hand corner of the first picture the baked eye shadows I have are #4 Coffee Shop, #11 Beach Sand. The baked eye shadow is #1 Dolce Pink. Which ill elaborate more on that bad boy here in a sec. The eye liner on the bottom right of the second picture is Milani Infinite Liner in #05 Everlast. That stuff does not move at all. The right shade next to the blue is the cream eyeliner jumbo pencil in #02 Brown Deluxe. Super creamy. The skinny eyeliner pencil is Milani Liquif ' eye in #04 Aqua. Super pretty and kind of has a metallic feel to it. The lipsticks.. My loves.  #29 Teddy bare is the bottom left in the second picture.. the third one in on the second row. and the right hand side to that Is #30 Candied Toffees. They are absolutely amazing lipsticks. I mean they are moisturizing and super creamy and they actually smell really good too :) But I am hoping to expand my collection of Milani Products. I want to definitely get more of the lipsticks and the blushes. Speaking of the Baked blushes...

The one I have is Dolce Pink and it is shimmery.  If you have pale skin like mine this color just looks amazing on your skin. Right along the cheek bones. Oh man.. heres another product like my BB cream and foundation . I can talk about all day. :) But I just wanted to let you guys know if you need a new blush .. THIS ONE! For sure. Its extremely soft as well and light. ME+Milani Makeup=LOVE. But yeah. I thought it would be cool to do a makeup look with just using all of the Milani products. Hmm.. Ideas.. Ill have to do that. :) Check back for that soon guys. As well as my Business things I'll be doing on Pinterest and how I am budgeting as well to save up for that CAMERA! Only a matter of time. Oh only. Where is that Money tree that apparently only exists when I need it to. ?

Sweet Dreams and Have a great Weekend!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Its been a long while.. BB CREAMS!

Hey my loves! Hope everyone is doing ok. Sorry its been so LONG. But no worries MRS.JILL is BACK! :)

Can you believe this freaking weather. I mean come on is it Spring yet? or what. 80 degrees then the next day a winter weather advisory. NICE.

But anyways.. I just want to do this quick little review on BB creams here. You know you see them at the Drugstore and if you have never tried them before.. NOW IS THE TIME! I mean seriously.. Its definitely way easier to throw on BB cream in the morning when your running late than it is to take out that wonderful Nearly NAKED foundation. I know, I know. I've talked about that plenty. :) Which now I usually only use that foundation when its like a date night or a special occasion. But here's the scoop on BB Creams..

There is mainly the 3 big brands that I've come across. That you'll probably stumble across too. I mean don't get me wrong either. There is the Physicians Formula BB cream. Which actually I do want to try and Almay has a BB cream. If your wondering why I haven't talked about any high end makeup brands for BB cream I just feel that high end BB creams are not worth the money when the drugstore does just as well. But I'm going to actually break it up for you in the 1=Best, 2=I would use again and the 3=eeekkk...NO!

1. THE BEST--Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I have mine in light sheer tint. Absolutely 100% amazing. Its like your not wearing anything. The coverage lasts all day and covers up pretty well. I feel when it says that its a 8 in 1, they really do mean it! I would highly recommend it. Also it says there is a SPF 30 and you would never know it in this BB cream. I'm actually almost out .. I'm squeezing the last drops out.  (If you have sensitive skin like I do, this would be the best match!)
Only flaw.. it doesn't cover up the under eye bags that I wish it did. 

2. I would USE again Regularly or for a Back up. Loreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I got mine in Fair. Unlike the Maybelline BB Cream this actually goes on white .While the Maybelline actually has a tan look to it. But this one is really light as well. I feel like this one is a good base to wear under the Nearly Naked foundation .:)   This is a 4 in 1 BB Cream. I feel that it is a great back up to my Maybelline one and I would recommend as well. 

3.Ummm yeah NO! The last one I have is Rimmel London BB Cream Beauty Balm. Right when I squeezed it out to apply it, first thing I smelled was the aroma of the SPF. SUNBLOCK. Ewww.. unless your at the beach or pool you don't want to smell like Sunblock all day. Well at least I don't. Its crazy actually because this says its only SPF 25. Right when I put it on my skin it immediately absorbed and dried out. I didn't even have time to think before it dried up, let alone rub into my skin. I couldn't wait to take it off with a makeup remover wipe. Its a little disappointing because it did say it was a 9 in 1 but it didn't work out that way. I love Rimmel Products too. I was not expecting that at all. You know maybe if I had a different skin type it might of worked out different. Who knows.  I do not recommend to anyone who has sensitive skin. EVER.

But hope you guys like my little BB cream review here. I had fun trying out a few other BB creams other than the Maybelline one just to see the difference. I was actually going to let you guys know as well I'm still trying to get the Podcast thing down. I'm a NEWB. Sorry guys. Should be up soon. Hopefully. I just don't know how to post it. That's the only problem. But I'm super excited for it though. I have lots of good ideas! :) Also I'm really hoping for a camera soon so More YouTube videos! Heck yeah!! :)   But I'll catch you guys LATERS!

Sleep good, Sleep tight.. Don't let the .. What .. oh yeah BED BUGS BITE! Might as well say Don't let the FROST BITE! Thank you weather.  lol.

Mucho Love,