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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey! This weeks In: I would have to say all sally hansen products and sinful colors nail polish in mint apple =LOVE! seriously. I wanted to do my eyebrows the other day(frankly I am way too tired of plucking them)and I used sally hansens instant hair removal (the one without the strips and it worked great) .I also love all of sally hansen nail products! All products of Sally hansen is relatively cheap too! If you guys havent checked out the new ULTA store. you are missing out! Sinful colors nail polish is amazing too! its actually cheaper than sally hansen nail polish but you definiely cannot tell. I just picked up mint apple! I LOVE IT! I'm going to give my self a pedicure tomorrow actually! super excited:)
OUT: I wanted to try a cucumber face peel. I never tried one before. Yeah and honestly I never will again. It said on the bottle that its perfect for any kind of skin. its really not. I have sensitive skin and it was painful to peel off and left my whole face red for like 3 hours. so yeah i dont recommend any face peels for people with sensitive skin. But on the plus side, people with sensitive skin could use a chocolate clay mask that you just wash off. The brand is Freeman and its chocolate strawberry clay mask .Its like 3 bucks!  Try it out! :)

Oh one more IN. :) if you need something new to read. pretty sure you should read the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE SERIES with me! Game of Thrones show is based on the book. Im going to start reading the books. But I have been watching the show on HBO and its super good!  if you have HBO, I highly recommend watching that and the show GIRLS too!

Check back tomorrow. Im going to try and post some eye makeup ideas and pics to follow.
Much Love ,


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