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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hey guys! you know what movies that I'm dying to see?!
      I really want to go see The Avengers! I heard it was amazing. I also want to see the Lucky One! Yes I havent seen it yet. AH. lol. The last movie on my list that I am dying to see as well is BATTLESHIP! Alexander Skarsgard!! :)
MY Favorite Actor in True Blood! speaking of that.... if you are not a True blood fan you are missing out! The new season starts JUNE 10!! and I'm SOOOO FREAKING EXCITED! lol.
     In other news I wanted to share with all of you that I found a website with easy dinner recipes! I made basil pesto chicken tonight with angel hair pasta and homemade garlic bread!! Very YUMMY! :) and it was super easy! just wanted to let you know because I always was having problems finding quick easy dinner recipes online and then I finally found one! if anyone has anymore info on other websites for different easy recipes! definitely let me know! I'd love them! :) Check back soon for more updates:)


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