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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hellllllloooooooo LOVES! Hope everyone is doing well. Went to the Mall tonight. Haven't been there in ages. But oh how i love shopping. :) But I did good and didnt spend too much ;) anyways.. lol. Ive decided that I think I either have to get new lighting for my camera or a new camera for my tutorials. Everytime I do one now they just dont look right at all. Its just hard to see the color. So I just have to mess with it a little bit. Dont worry I'll be back. :) I know I keep saying all that stuff..but please dont give up on me:) I Love doing tutorials for makeup and maybe start a new channel for how to coupon! :) One of my goals is to start putting out 2 videos a week. 
I tried some colors from NYC cosmetics tonight from my individual eyes palette. Its the 938 Union Square Palette. I absolutely love it. Its very inexpensive and high quality too. Definitely worth your money. I want to do a tutorial on that palette as well. Sorry I'm being so random tonight. lol.
Ahh this is probably the shortest blog post ever! ... dont fret I'll be back tomorrow to post some more.

Much Love,

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