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Friday, August 10, 2012


       Hey guys!Just been sick the last two days..freakin sucks. I still don't feel that great. But ahh! I think its mostly just sinus infection issues. Fun stuff huh. haha. no . Anyways.. Here is something that I wanted to bring up. Actually I've been wanting to write about it for a while now..Does anyone's spouse or significant other have a say in what you do with your hair? Mine doesn't care. My hubby says that its my hair and I could do what I want with it. But I've talked to some women who don't feel the same way. I've talked to some who say OH NO! I could NEVER DYE MY HAIR because my husband would be so pissed if I did. He LOVES MY HAIR COLOR TOO MUCH! I've also have talked to some who really want to go short and are literally freaking out because they are afraid of what their husbands are going to say.Like OMG HE WOULD KILL ME IF I DID THAT!. I mean come on. seriously? . Its your hair..In my opinion do what you want with it. Your beautiful and it should be what makes you happy right?  I don't know just always seemed crazy to me.
        Also, here is another touchy subject that I was actually thinking about today. Do you guys feel like you have to get fit and look your absolute best every day for your man? Like do you think he will get mad if you are in sweat pants with no makeup for the day? Honestly I heard in a song.. YES A SONG. That a guy thought that his woman should keep her legs and her stomach nice and tight for him. Made me think . My hubby thinks I'm beautiful with that stuff or without. I'd hope your other half feels the same way too. 
       Sorry to go all serious there. Just thought I should go there for a moment, because when women come to my blog I want them to know that with or without makeup and fashion your still you! Dont forget that. To bring this to a close for the night I am going to be doing my IN's and OUT's!

IN: Rimmel london quad eyeshadow in SUN SAFARI. I absolutely love these eye shadow quads. They are only like 5 bucks from target. So worth it. And the color is amazing. (HANG IN THERE! I love doing tutorial videos..and they are under construction.. COME SOON! )

OUT: Being sick. Ahh. Maybe I should of been taking that emergen-C (however you spell it stuff) lol. To keep my immune system good. Who knows.

Talk you guys real soon.
Much love,

P.S - If you have any tutorial videos or blog topics you want me to talk about and do .. I'd LOVE to do them for you... you can email me or find me on twitter. @onestopbeauty12 or

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