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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm in the process of editing my first tutorial! :) I'm so sorry for the delay guys! tomorrow night for sure at the latest. I was having some problems with lighting and everything.  Tonight I made jambalaya for the first time. It turned out gross:( Honestly I never had it until tonight either. and it was not good at all .Which was weird because I found the recipe by Rachel Ray and it had like 5 I guess we must not have the taste for southern food. Lose some win some:) Anyways. I don't know who watches Secret Life of An American Teenager on ABC Family but holy cow last nights episode was crazy. (SPOILER ALERT!) if you haven't watched it yet...AMY'S MOM IS GAY!She comes out and says it! holy cow.  I've been watching this show since it first aired and they definitely know how to twist everything up. I would of never saw that coming and with grace and Adrienne kissing too. That's nuts.  But yeah . I'm thinking about planning a relax tomorrow and do nothing but spend some time with my little baby and go to the park with him and do laundry read and sleep:) And tomorrow night I'm having craft night:) I figure every Wednesday and Friday night I could plan to have craft night! you know how it is with all them Pinterest crafts piling up that your dying to do! :)

#So sleepy:( and random! LOL.

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