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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finding Time

Hey guys!! I'm super excited! My stockpile from couponing is finally coming together!! Ah I love couponing! I've been doing it for a while now but its just trying to find time. :) Anyways. I'm going to start my hair tutorial tomorrow night. I was going to do it tonight but my sexy husband decided he was going to bogart my camera to do his guitar video:) I love watching him play guitar! :)
Ok so I found this awesome APP! Its called Stumble Upon. Its almost like Pinterest but its where you can tell it what your interests are and you can click on a button that says stumble upon and it just randomly searches website sites for the things you like. Articles, etc. You can also like the pages you come across. Very cool.
I really think there needs to be more time in a day seriously! I'm sure everyone agrees with me there. lol. I just need more time to work out in a day. I really want to keep up with exercise. I've been bad lately. :( I've made a workout schedule where its gym 2 days a week and working out either at home for an hour or go on a walk for an hour. Ah more time please. Just one more hour a day would really help .But then again I need my sleep:) oh yes! lol.Speaking of that, I need to get into bed and get my 8 hours. :) Thanks for the support and keep checking back.

Much Love,


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