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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Makeup review on NYX Smokey Look Kit and NYX Mosaic Powder

Hello again! If you haven't already guessed my newest brand of makeup that I love is NYX Cosmetics. Yep that's right.:)  My recent purchase from them is the NYX Smokey Look Kit.It has alot of dark rich colors that I absolutely love. You could definitely wear any of these colors together going out for a night on the town or even date night with the hubby! :) It was about 12.00 from Ulta. Pretty sure if you want good quality professional makeup this brand is the way to go! Trust me people, I wouldn't steer you wrong. I'm going to be making an eye tutorial on it actually. I'm really excited about it because I think I found a trick for lighting that I'm hoping with help with my videos. Another ready for it?! In the palette there is actually two lip colors as well. There is two soft pinks. The only down side to this makeup ( Which really isn't a downside at all) there is not that many colors in the palette that if you are trying to do softer look. I really want to do a day look tutorial with one of the colors in the palette along with a shadow pencil that I have then show how to turn the look into a night look with some more colors in the palette. hmm. :) 
          Another product of theirs that is a must have for everyone, is the NYX mosaic powder in Paradise. This powder has a swirl of different pinks which really match well with my ivory skin tone! I love it a lot. Definitely my go to blush that I use now on a daily basis. It was about 8.00 from Ulta. They are not strong colors at all to go with any eye look of your choosing. But anyways.. this week these two products are my IN items. My Outs: Does anyone's name have a rhyme to it or anything.?! Well I have one ...and no 100 year old man I DON'T KNOW WHERE JACK IS! grr. lol.  But catch you guys later. I posted down below a picture of what the palette looks like and the powder!

Talk to you real soon.

Much Love,


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