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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Intro,March Favorites and HBO documentary "Hot Coffee" Review

Hey Guys! Who won the Mega Million Lottery yesterday? That's right, not me! LOL. I can only wish.

    Anyways, Thought I would blog about some of my favorites that I've been using. Some of my favorite products I've been using this past month in March would be Maybelline Master Precise Eye Liner in Black by Eye studio. It works really well with getting in the small creases in your eye to make it even. Before this month I've been using Falsies Mascara(which I still Love), but this month I switched things up a bit and started using Loreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in blackest black! Its absolutely amazing as well. It gives great length to lashes along with the Falsies Mascara. The Blush I have been using this month is Sephora Coral Rose which is closely comparable to Nars Orgasm. Alot cheaper with Sephora though and the same color :) The lip liner I've been using this month is Nano by Sephora Brand. Its a gorgeous nude color that I put a clear covering over it with lip balm .The lip balm I use is Maybelline baby lips quenched. Oh god I love this stuff. It makes your lips feel so smooth and soft!They smell amazing too! I would highly recommend it! I also have baby lips in pink punch! But the eye shadow I used alot this month is the Too faced eye shadow naked eye palette in soft and sexy colors. Definitely a great palette to use for a sophisticated look for work and for an evening out on the town. And for the eye brows I've been using Maybelline Master Shape brow liner in deep brown. Definitely amazing too! If you guys have any questions about how much I spent on each item and where I got it. Let me know. I'll be making some tutorials as well on some of these lovely things. I will also be posting links to my videos! So keep checking back :)
   While of course we are watching the final four basketball game with KU! (Rock CHALK! :))I am blogging and during the halftime my hubby switched over to this documentary called "Hot Coffee" on HBO! Its definitely interesting .This lady got burned by the McDonald's coffee in the early 1990's. They say that it has got up to the temperatures of 180 -190 degrees almost boiling.That the employees were trained to keep it that hot from their handbook. Thats freakin nuts!! Of course that lady got a huge settlement from McDonald's because she literally almost died from getting these burns! I would think that if its was that hot though that she wouldn't be able to grab the cup when they were handing it to her. Maybe those cups are just really super insulated. Who knows really.  But apparently she dropped it trying to put cream and sugar in it I guess. They were also saying that it wasn't the first time that they had reports of people burning themselves.  Anyways, One word of advice I guess make sure that your coffee is cooled off enough before you take a swig of it! Or anything like hot chocolate or hot drinks.  I will for sure start checking my hot drinks as well from now on. Just thought that whole story was really interesting.

Thanks for reading :) <3 I'll be doing alot more entries and videos, so like I said before. Make sure to keep checking back! :)


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