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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey guys! just got done making two new youtube videos! should be up by tomorrow night! YAY! its definetly been a long time huh. lol. I did one for a quick makeup routine tutorial and then one on october favorites and a how to part 1 couponing video! :) hope you guys like. let me know what you think for sure tomorrow.
So I have really been into this prepping meals for a month for the freezer deal. I actually got a book from Barnes and Noble on it. Its "Everything Freezer Meals Cookbook" for like 20.00. Worth the money. It will save us so much time at night after we get off work to already have the meals prepared and to come home and just pop it right in the oven or to just warm it up! :) so excited. I mean seriously .. I know all of us have been there.. its been a 8 hour + day and then you come home exhausted and you look at your hubby and go "So what do you want for dinner?" and then by the time you guys come up with something its like 6:30 and you eventually say forget it .."you want chipolte?" Thats just too darn expensive. and not to mention extremely fattening..soo I have to make that change ASAP. If you know what I mean. So i figure taking 1 day out of the month or one full night  like 5 hours to cook everything  with a girlfriend to catch up on some gossip and then you guys could split the cost on some stock products and then BAM. Quick, Quick and DONE! That is going to be a load off. believe me .
I'm on my way to Frugal living. :) Time to start saving some money for the holiday.

Much Love,   -xJill

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